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 Closing the Forum

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PostSubject: Closing the Forum   Tue 13 Dec 2016, 10:00 pm

This forum has been dead for a while, so it's time to make it official. 

For probably the past 2 years or something, TA has mostly been Last to Post Wins threads, which is pretty funny, but not really constructive. The rest of the forum all but died. Now everyone that was still around has moved to the Discord, and everyone else has moved on entirely.

This forum was a good time, but it's high time I shut it down. I disabled user registrations and locked all the boards. I'm not going to delete the forum, just so it's still archived for a while.

If you still want to talk to some of the people that hung around here, we have a Discord were we all hang out and shitpost. Hit me up on Steam and I'll give you an instant invite link.

Special shoutouts to the people that stuck around, like Silver and Jon and AD, who are on the Discord now.

Otherwise, it was certainly a time. Have a good life!
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Closing the Forum
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