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 Shadow Era

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PostSubject: Shadow Era   Tue 24 Sep 2013, 6:20 am

With all this Hearthstone hype generating recently, I decided to go check out Shadow Era again. I've tried to before, but strangely despite their client having an updater you needed to download a new client and it confused me greatly so I never really bothered until today.

Shadow Era is a Free to Play TCG, developed by Wulven Studios available at
Available in your browser (with Unity plugin), on your Windows computer, on your Mac, iOS and Android, (and in your hand, but let's be honest nobody cares on this forum) it's worth at least a looksee.

If Hearthstone/WoW The Trading Card Game is "Not Magicka", then Shadow Era is "Not WoW: TCG"
It actually started out as a digital game and then got physical copies, which is a bit of a reversal.
I will say that whilst the free to play model is rather fair compared to some, it still does kind of ling over your head a bit, but it's not aggressive, but it is there. Getting new cards in the beginning isn't so bad, but it gets grindier as you go along, but you also get more cards to play with earlier on.

Onto the mechanics, "Resources", their mana, can be gained at the start of every turn if you sacrifice a card to the abyss, so you do have to give up something to do things.

Hero powers, unlike Hearthstone do not use Resources, they use "Shadow Energy" which is gained at the end of your turn. Different heroes require different amounts, and they do different things. There's usually two heroes for each faction/class combo.

"Allies", their Monster Cards, far as I can tell do not have a limit to how many can be on the field. They also do not incur damage for every attack unlike Hearthstone, they have something similar to Desktop Dungeon's first strike, which if you kill an enemy with your attack, they don't attack back. Because they're dead. But if you only take them down to 1, they attack back. Because they're alive and only as stupid as their operator.

There's two factions, and multiple classes. Factions are Human, and Shadow. Cards marked Human can only be used by Human decks, cards marked Shadow can only be used by Shadow decks, cards marked Neutral can be used by both. Simple!
Classes also have specific cards, of course. It makes no sense for a Rogue to be luggin' around some healing spells, where as it makes much more sense for a Priest.

Deck building is nicely explained enough in the FAQ
Q: What are the deck construction rules?
A: You can build your own decks following these simple rules:
- one hero card
- minimum 30 cards in a deck, no maximum
- maximum of 4 copies of a card in a deck
- cards can only be included that share a trait with your hero: same faction (humans/shadows), or same class (warrior ability, etc). There are also neutral cards that can always be included in any deck.

For example, let's say you have a Human Warrior Hero. You can use a "Warrior Ability" card (since your Hero is a Warrior), or also a "Human Ability" card (since your Hero is a Human). You will not be able to use any other class cards such as "Mage Ability" with your Warrior deck, nor any "Shadow Ally" or "Shadow Ability" cards.

I'm probably not going to be omg superreligious player, as I haven't been previously, but I'll probably be playing it again for a while and I'd thought I'd make a forum thread about it, as it's FREEEEEEEEE. ...Until you want more cards faster. BUT IT'S FREEEEEE... To play.
To add on to that, last I made a new account, which is when I started playing, you didn't actually have a selection of all the classes to play, only Human classes I think, no Shadow specifics. I'd highly recommend going around with your starter class playing against all the Shadow classes in the single player and low rating people in the multiplayer for a while if you can to test out the classes and get a feel for what you'd actually like to play, no need to be buying booster packs when what you really needed was a class starter pack to keep enjoying the game, right?

Hopefully this all made enough sense, as I removed something I couldn't make make sense and I'm 'bout to to bed!
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Shadow Era
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