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 Smilie Contest!

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Silver Fox


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PostSubject: Re: Smilie Contest!   Thu 05 Jul 2012, 9:22 am

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PostSubject: Re: Smilie Contest!   Thu 05 Jul 2012, 7:09 pm

Ideas for the more smilie artted than me:
?_? face Silver Fox

affraid Silver Fox

o3o Invert Fox

Hangover Hedgehog

Take the Lol emote, turn it to Sora and put a keyblade on it. - You people seem like you like Kingdom Hearts.

Embarassed Onyx. I know he's not that embarrassed, but come on, Oops Onyx. - Think about it. Just turn it into a grey-pink cat and maybe some fiery ears. Oops Onyx. Do it people.

Razz Invert - He just seems like the only one who'd actually make that face.

farao Turn this in Runalot. - Or a brown Hedgehog, because Shalter. Remember Shalter? I remember Shalter.

afro Do you really need me to point this out? AFRO KAN-CACTUS. GET ON IT, FIRO. NOW. I WILL THROW A PEANUT AT YOU FOR PAYMENT.

pirat Cain. Make it Caaain. [lolonlymoarsilverandiknowwhatimtalkingaboutlolcain]

drunken White Hedgehog or Brown Gizoid. - In honour of Jon's sprites of SA2. That or turn him in appearance of our favourite guitar playin' Irish guy.

Suspect Red fox. It just seems like it's red fox.
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Smilie Contest!
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