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 Firo's Terraria Server

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PostSubject: Firo's Terraria Server   Fri 27 Jul 2012, 7:19 am


It is up and running boys! Sonic TA Forums' own Terraria Server(Or to be more specific, My Terraria Server. :perv: ).
It is a new Large map and I built a small house near the spawn area just for the new people to have some place to take shelter at night.
This server will now be used for us all to play Terraria together. So all you dimwits who don't have Terraria yet, GO NOW AND GET IT BEFORE ICIS HUGS YOU.

While this is mostly a free server, there are a couple of rules I would like you all to follow:
  • When joining the server, create your own new character. Do not join with your own character. This is to assure fair play as I don't want one person to have highly advanced weaponry while the other only has a copper sword. Everyone is to start with nothing and help each other to get to something.

  • When you DO create your new character, do NOT use your character in any other server/map. This is to reassure that no item comes in or leaves the map. E.g. I don't want you coming to the server, scabbing all the gold and going back to your own server to dump it.

  • Try to be fair. Don't go off exploring on your own and mining all the Ore and treasure there is to find. Try to play together and share your loot equally if needed. Again, Quote word "TRY". It's not a must but I don't feel comfortable with someone having all the gold/silver/iron/coper and jewelry there is to find.

  • You may build whatever you wish in the map. Whether you want to build your houses on top of each other or make your own separate huts. It's all fine. Just don't sabotage other people's building or creations.

That said, bare in mind that the server will only be up when I'm online since I'm controlling it manually. Do not go off wondering why you can't connect because I'm offline. This said, I'll keep the server up even when I'm not playing and I'll try to save the server every 10-15 minutes if I remember. Even so, I do not hold any responsibility if what you built/mined/explored was not saved and you have to do it all over again. If you want to be sure, just remind me to save whenever you want.


Now with all that, here are the details for the server.

Name: Firo'sTerrariaServer

Port: 7777

IP: (Though I think it changes frequently, right?)

Password: Sonic Arena


Have fun!
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PostSubject: Re: Firo's Terraria Server   Fri 27 Jul 2012, 12:32 pm

Guess I don't have to host now lol
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Firo's Terraria Server
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